One To Conquer (2014)

by Decaying



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released November 4, 2014

Decaying are:

Matias Nastolin – Vocals, Guitars
Henri Hirvonen – Guitars
Sebastian Bergman – Bass
Benjam Lahdenpää – Drums

Track 1 written by Henri Hirvonen. Tracks 2-5, 7 and 8 written by Matias Nastolin.
Track 6 by Henri Hirvonen & Matias Nastolin.
All lyrics written by Matias Nastolin.

Guitars, vocals and bass were recorded between March and June 2014 at a home studio. Drums were recorded and engineered at D-studio, Klaukkala Finland, in April 2014 by Jarno Hänninen and Markus Salo.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Matias Nastolin.

Artwork and layout by Bartlomiej Kurzok. Band pictures & other assistance by Juho Kareoja.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Fall Of Saigon
The tide is about to be turned
South is on a brink of collapse
Rapid advance toward the capital
Red flags will dominate the scenes

It was a just warning
That war had been done
US operations on foreign soil
To halt the red disease
Cold war at its peak
Stop the communists
Interest of the west vanished
At the fall of Saigon

Hastily retreating on a large scale
The republic was caught off guard
Total fall on all fronts
Foreign aid cut to meaningless

It was a just warning
That war had been done
US operations on foreign soil
To halt the red disease
Cold war at its peak
Stop the communists
Interest of the west vanished
At the fall of Saigon

The war is over
The republic has fallen
Track Name: Zero Hour
Ready for the engagement
Remove the camouflage
With superior numbers
Armored brigades maneuver

Regain lost territory back
At the Golan Heights
Seven to one
With Soviet steel
Charging at the high grounds
Surprise the Israeli
During The Day of Atonement
Two fronts open with Egypt
The Syrian army stands tall

Appearing out of the blue
Shells tremble the ground
Fighter jets, artillery pieces
Open the fire
Tanks aligned in the distance
Starting the action
At the Zero Hour

After the first shock
The night time falls
Without the proper gear
Still holding the line
Against overwhelming force
Reserves to be mobilized
Israeli tankers up the ante
No compromise

The reserve troops arrive
Straight into the battle
A baptism of fire
Inferno at the Golan Heights
Starting the action
At the Zero Hour

With growing numbers
The help of jets and artillery
Push back the aggressor
Secure the grounds

Great amounts of bravery
Shown on the both sides
Many days of constant battle

The heavy losses
At the Valley of Tears
Shifting focus out of the heights
Heading toward Damascus

Soviet threat of intervention
Situation is out of control
Imminent call for a cease fire
With the help from abroad
No holds barred
Inferno at the Golan Heights
Arab forces capitulate
Heavy casualties on both sides
At the Zero Hour
Track Name: One To Conquer
Guarding the interest of a nation
Set a foothold on a foreign land
Do not let the dominoes fall
The status quo cannot collapse

A question of who is to prevail
Settlements to only prolong
A matter of bad options
And when is the red line truly crossed?

There will be only one to conquer
Track Name: The 38th Parallel
A country divided between the two powers
Line is drawn across the 38th parallel
Ousted the former Japanese rule
Two governments built
Modeled after their own views

The result soon turns becomes unstable
Two-pronged attack shows its true nature
Only one side would exist on this land
Both gearing up to wage a war
Capture the full command

A quick charge over the DMZ
UN forces answer at Inchon and Pusan
China joins the fight to assist the North
The Korean War, a bloody battlefield

Stalemate on the front
Fighting to gain close to nothing
It all goes on and on
But when does it end?
Track Name: The Balance Of Power
Following the second war
Countries lay in ruins
World order is shaping up
The old agreements
Prove to be unsustainable
Mutual distrust is deepening
Between war-time allies
Nothing is eternal
Adhering on one's interests
Step by step
The contacts shift to silence

Their future is truly entwined
The balance of power
Stays firmly in question
Who'd commence the first strike?
The attacks would surely rebound
Missile sites scattered along the frontiers
On the borders, troops stay on high alert
Nothing to be left off
Readiness to be retained on maximum

The theory of equal parties
A balance to hold the peace
Not willing to ignite the state
Always having the full readiness
The division in central Europe
Provides a solid ground
To answer the provocations
Tactical weapons will stay on hold
Track Name: Iron Curtain
The Red Army is proven relentless
Unstoppable, the triumph awaits
Annexing area with this solid war machine
Mowing down the opponent
Taking hold on things that rightly belong

Let the Iron Curtain fall
Across the half of the continent
Welcome the liberators
The justification is victory

Enemies of the regime are ought to disappear
Beria and Molotov will play their roles
The prominent expansion of the idea of communism
These great plans are soon to be fulfilled

Arranging staged elections
Greatly expanding Stalin's rule
Gearing up the propaganda
Around the puppet states of the Eastern Bloc

Let the Iron Curtain now fall
Across the half of the continent
Welcome the liberators
These tensions will lead to Cold War

With the newly addition of China
Red states begin to spread in the east
Aggressive stance toward capitalism

Building up the police force
Subjecting the people to a constant fear
Collectivization of the economy
The goal is, indeed, toward prosperity

Let the Iron Curtain fall
Across the half of the continent
Welcome the liberators
Because the justification is victory

The western countries are now threatened
Soviet political power is truly unleashed
The outcome of Stalin's reign of terror
Would determine the future's geopolitical events
Track Name: Ho Chi Minh Trail
Along the lines of southern Laos
NVA, focused on guerilla warfare
With countless tons of ammunition
Thrown straight into combat

Moving vehicles and manpower
This supply route reigns supreme
Fueled by something worth fighting for
A solid way to avoid a plain defeat

Determined to strike it down
But the trail is always shifting
Maintenance during the day and night
Tireless work force is unleashed

Carpet bombing on a daily basis
B-52s sweep the sky
The US air force, throttle set on full
Fulfilling a task which seems pointless

The origins are from a previous struggle
Baptized in battle
During the First Indochina War

First-rate engineering by VC
The group 559 assigned
Perfected all the concealment
Paved roads and vast bunker networks

"Build roads to advance, fight the enemy to travel"

Soviet supplies are in a firm use
Anti-aircraft defenses set up to the task
While the South Vietnamese morale collapses
The trail is steadily upgraded

The public opinion in the States is in turmoil
And the vague truce is shattered
After the Tet Offensive
Westmoreland's army starts losing the hold
Cannot maintain warfare with the lack of funds

The tide had changed
Keep up the pressure and continue on building up
Pushing forward to end the conflict
It is time to force Saigon down to its knees

Moving vehicles and manpower
A solid way to avoid a plain defeat

With countless tons of ammunition
Thrown straight into combat
Carpet bombing on a daily basis
On the Ho Chi Minh Trail