The Last Days Of War (2013)

by Decaying

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors "Straight in your face" Death Metal. Warfare themes with an Old School sound for fans of early Pestilence (Consuming Impulse era). Warlord UK and Bolt Thrower Favorite track: Passchendaele.


released May 30, 2013



Matias Nastolin - Guitars, Vocals
Henri Hirvonen - Guitars
Sebastian Bergman - Bass
Benjam Lahdenpää - Drums

Songs 2 - 8 music and lyrics written by Matias Nastolin. Track 1 written by Henri Hirvonen.

Guitars, vocals and bass were recorded between October 2012 - January 2013 at a home studio. Drums were recorded and engineered by Jarno Hänninen at D-studio, Klaukkala (Finland) in December 2012.

The album was mixed by Matias Nastolin between January - February 2013. Mastering by Jarno Hänninen at D-studio in February 2013.

Artwork and layout by Bartlomiej Kurzok.



all rights reserved


Decaying Finland

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Track Name: Code Name Overlord

Proceeding in the line
Soon the battle ignites
Transport ships advance
Objectives are set
Carefully trained plan
To storm the beach
Break the fortified defenses
Expecting no defeat

Aiming for a total victory
Crush the opposition
With over one million troops deployed
It is the Code Name Overlord

Breach the atlantic wall
On the sixth day of June
Operation Fortitude used as deception
Overwhelming manpower
Storming the Omaha Beach
Thousands of ships in line
Coastal fight like never before

Aiming for a total victory
Crush the opposition
With over one million troops deployed
It is the Code Name Overlord

Rommel knew it would happen
Invasion that will open up the western front
Leading into a certain German defeat
Capturing Paris, taking back France
Closing on the German border
A race to Berlin to end the war
Which engulfed Europe in flames
Now time has come to retaliate

First phase successful
Enemy in retreat
With overwhelming resources
Strike force to be reckoned with
Building the pressure up
Withstanding the two front war
A task hard to fulfill
The conflict will be soon brought to an end

Aiming for a total victory
Crush the opposition
With over one million troops deployed
It is the Code Name Overlord
Track Name: The Ardennes Offensive
Calling for the last reserves
For this great attack
No mercy will be given
Striking through the Ardennes
Once again with a formidable force
From the scattered remnants
Logistic miracle of some sort

Firmly depending on this
The last hope, even if desperate
Extreme fuel sortage
Along with exhausted men
Fed with propaganda
Expecting to create confusion
And neutralize the western front

It had to be under bad weather conditions
Only option was an surprise attack
Absolute Allied air superioty above
As the German planes just wouldn't be able to fly

Just too proud of letting it go
Even though the chances on Antwerp were abysmal
Heavy planning at last offers a solution
To mess up the Allied game
Drafted so long, firmly in secrecy

Beginning the offensive with great sensation
Ninety minutes of artillery strikes
The heavy winter storms are raging on
The roads are blocked, it's nobodies gain anymore

Heavy casualties on the rise
A cruesome realisation to the enemy lines
The initial success quickly goes sour
This advance is forced into an halt at Bastogne
The Battle Of The Bulge
Track Name: Firestorm
Preparing for the lift off
To hit the target yesterday still unknown
A city besieged
Planes fill the night sky above
With a deadly payload
Tons of high explosives aboard
Incendaries of various kinds
All this to give the devastating blow

Approaching the target
As air raid warnings wail below
The hatch doors open
Bombs begin whirling
Factories, civilian buildings are hit
We are part of the war effort
No mercy will be given
Hear the orders, level it all down
Burn everything, melt the steel
A wall of fire, deadly shockwaves
Pressure that evaporates the bone

Looming flames over the horizon
We return to refuel
Another mission waiting ahead

We are part of the war effort
Hear the orders, level it all down
No mercy will be given
Burn everything, melt the steel

The city is in ruins
B-17s had caused the devastation
Charred bodies everywhere
Oxygen ran out, engulfed, burnt to cinders
Inside the firestorm

Sought salvation in the air raid shelter
The homes demolished, all the sanctuaries were gone
Scorched the earth below with a terrible practice
An deadly aftermath, awoke unease
It burns like hellfire
Inside this firestorm
Track Name: The Last Days Of War
The scenes of the last army destroyed
Struggling there to meet the bitter end
Those who remained loyal are being pushed aside
Filled with bullets and scrapped away
Useless for the new rule

Weeping here in despair
Wandering amongst perdition

Millions after another had lost their lives
Bodies piled up unless already burnt
After many fierce campaings they had fought
Turned to be a failure in seeking the upper hand

Behold the sight
Of the last days of war

The smell of past, evergoing anguish
Tormented ambiance reeks
Fear is felt in the very air
In those who are fortunate to breath

Deep inside this concrete hideout
Gazing upon this doom one has wrought
All the events turn into fierce reality
The amount of suffering, there is no equal

Weeping here in despair
Wandering amongst perdition

The choice of taking poison
Or just a shot in the head
Between considering to live the day
Regardless trapped within this bloody mess
Track Name: Passchendaele
Finding the way through barbed wire
Only mud and death remain on these desolate plains
Shelled is the groundscape, filled with water and blood
No trees or plants left alive, madness and sorrow to offer

It raises questions, about the usefullesness of Passchendaele
Strategy which was bound to fail on these autumn rains
The third battle of Ypres

Setting positions on these unclear trench networks
Four million shells of artillery have modified the scenes we see
The enemy charges, bodies fill the ground
The ultimate goal has been set to break the Hindenburg line
End the war once and for all

It raises questions, about the usefullesness of Passchendaele
Strategy which was bound to fail on these autumn rains
The third battle of Ypres

Gazing behind as the front row now falls to this endless fire
Hoping a breakthrough will come after all, maybe one day
Battle after another they fought, still no ending in sight
Desperate grasp for honour, death and sorrow, nothing more

It raises questions, about the usefullesness of Passchendaele
Strategy which was bound to fail on these autumn rains
The third battle of Ypres
Track Name: El Alamein

Taking over the charge of the 15th Panzer Division
Fighting over Libya with Afrika Korps
To assist the demoralised Italian troops
The siege of Tobruk goes soon wrong
But the thrust concentrates on Gazala
The outcome brings an havoc to the British armour
Rommel crowned as the Desert Fox
The allied forces not all-out defeated
They're still firmly in the game

Advancing toward the sands of El Alamein
The steady thrive for Egypt

Bringing in Bernand Montgomery
To ease this expanding pain
Now the British army prevails at Alam Halfa
Forcing the Fox to think again
The second battle of El Alamein commences
Ultimately bringing the Axis to defeat

Orders from Hitler not to back down
But this is lost, Germans on the run

Sealing the North African theatre
The oil fields are now lost
They are lost
Track Name: The Pacific
The Combined Fleet now destroyed
Torn to bits
After the Battle Of Leyte Gulf
Heavy casualties
The Imperial Navy is no more
Once ruler of the sea
All the power is now gone

Once occupied were the islands in the Philippines
US forces grab them all
The general staff is left hopelessly to watch
All the former glory with force taken away

Fighting for a piece land on Iwo Jima
Mount Suribachi offers an element of surprise
The thirtyfive day struggle for the ultimate goal
Japanese fought on, down to their bitter end

Inflicting huge damage, thousands take hit
Bodies beyond numbering, the fierce loyality binds

The typhon of steel commencing, a smell of rotting flesh
The back bone of aerial bombardment
Okinawa turns into a gory mess

Mass suicides among the population
Banzai charges with a battle cry

The last resort, using kamikaze strikes
This new tactic put on use in which bushido strickly binds
During the war Midway marked a turning point
But now the burden of invading the mainland, nothing obliges

Ryuichi Tamura - Withered Leaves:

they died without even shedding green

before they return to the soil
they change to the color of soil
the color of
the silence that has died one death

why does everything
seem transparent even though we walked endlessly
through the border of day and night
through the withered leaves

a man
whose star is fixed
does not turn back"